Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sprouting Elephants

Sprouting Elephants is a preschool enrichment program that teaches with children, not to children. Children are so open and willing at this age, and we want to keep that alive in each of them. Although the classroom will be structured, the atmosphere will feel relaxed and full of creativity.

Sprouting Elephants is for children ages 3 to 5. We offer a half day morning or afternoon program. You can choose from a 3 or 5 day a week program.

Our open house will be held on Wednesday March 10 and Saturday March 13 from 9 am to 1 pm. We will also offer showings and meetings by appointment.

Sprouting Elephants supports performing arts and will also provide opportunities in violin, ballet, and drama as wrap around programs. We invite you to meet our wonderful teacher, Melissa and see if Sprouting Elephants is the place for your special little one to continue growing!

What makes Sprouting Elephants right for your child?

Sprouting Elephants will allow your child to be him/herself while learning and exploring, making new friends, becoming independent and gaining responsibility. This will be done through creativity and a nurturing environment where your child will feel comfortable, cared for and excited to learn.

What is special about Sprouting Elephants?

Sprouting Elephants has elements that set it apart from other programs. Important areas of our curriculum are: The Performing Arts so that the children have endless ways to express themselves, Green Living which promotes community responsibility and Self Guided Learning which ensures the child will
be engaged in the process.

How are parents involved in the process?

Parents are often seen as mirrors of the community. Children learn roles and values from their parents and guardians. We feel that parental involvement is necessary and invaluable. Communication is constant throughout the program with a journal for the teacher and parent to write notes to each other. We are
always open to hearing your concerns. We offer three private conferences throughout the year: One at the start of the program, one during, and one at the end.

Sprouting Elephants
1790 Springfield Ave.
New Providence, NJ
(908) 464-5928

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