Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Theater Camp... a Retrospective

Music Theater Camp Session 3 is over, and all we can say is... WOW! Each session we were surprised (although I guess we shouldn't have been) by how much the performers were able to put together in so short a time. In addition to performing four full company numbers, two small group numbers, solos, three dance numbers, and three skits each session, the "Littles" helped write their own puppet show with Miss Clare and the "Bigs" wrote, staged, and built props for their own short plays. We had visits from casting directors Paul Russell and Bob Cline, designer Brian Lynch, our own Shakespeare expert Susanna Baddiel, mime Luana Jones, costumers C&J Costumes, and Broadway star Stephanie Kurtzuba three times!

Many thanks to Karen Cantor, Greta Martin, Suzanne Hevner, Caryn Elefante, and Clare Dill for helping to make this summer so special for all three groups. But, mostly, thanks to the students who all came to work, grow, and have a blast this summer. Please stay tuned to this blog and the Elefante Music & School for the Performing Arts Facebook Page for video of all three of our final performances at the Oakes Center.

And, if you had as much fan as I did this summer, please check out our course listing for fall at the Elefante School.